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    Get Ready For Our Annual Spring Chick Animal Clinic

    Welcome back to the Triple L Feed & Supply blog! Today, we’re simply coming back with a reminder and some general information on one of the stellar services we offer to the Marana area. While most think of the services in our name — our premium Arizona hay animal feed supply and farm supply services — we also offer some invaluable  animal clinics. Keep reading to learn more about these …Read More

  2. Heat Stress in Poultry: Symptoms and Treatments

    With summer upon us, the temperatures across Tucson are heating up. For anyone who has lived through a summer or two here, you know just how roasting hot it can get. But for as hot as it feels to us, people aren’t the only ones who will feel the effects of those high temperatures. If you have poultry, heat stress is a major concern, especially given the high temperatures we get here in the Tucso…Read More

  3. How to Balance Horse Feed With Foraging — and Why

    That old saying about how “you are what you eat” is incredibly apt. It’s not so much that you’d literally turn into a blueberry if that’s all you ate, but for the most part, a person will only grow well and have enough energy if they’re getting the right nutritional mix of foods. The same goes for any animal. If your cattle are looking lethargic, or your horses are struggling to keep u…Read More

  4. Summer is Tick Season: Getting Prepared

    If you’ve ever gone tromping through tall grass as a kid, you know just how annoying ticks can be. More than that, ticks are also common disease carriers, which is why it’s so important to check yourself for ticks after time spent outdoors. But ticks can be a bother — and a potential health concern — for more than just people; they’re also disease carriers that can impact cats, dogs, hor…Read More

  5. The Importance of High-Quality Livestock Feed

    The livestock industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, providing billions of people with the food they need to stay happy and healthy. And at the core of this industry are quality and dependable feed supply stores like Triple L Feed & Supply. Without a steady supply of nutritious livestock feed, farmers would not be able to take care of their animals and meet the high demands of…Read More

  6. Welcome To Our Blog!

    Hello, and welcome to our first blog here at Triple L Feed and Supply. We are your Top Rated Local® animal feed company in Marana and the surrounding area outside of Tucson, Arizona. As farmers ourselves, we pride ourselves on being able to support local farmers with dependable animal feed delivery and a variety of other supplies and services to make their lives easier and more productive. Since …Read More