Let’s face it, working under the Arizona sun is no simple task. Even experienced farmers know that asking for a little help every once in a while is never out of the question. Fortunately, here at Triple L Feed and Supply, we offer convenient animal feed stock and dependable delivery services so that you have access to hay and livestock feed whenever you need it. Our blogs will take a deeper look at farming in Arizona and provide you with some helpful tips as well. Give us a call if you have any questions.

  1. How to Balance Horse Feed With Foraging — and Why

    That old saying about how “you are what you eat” is incredibly apt. It’s not so much that you’d literally turn into a blueberry if that’s all you ate, but for the most part, a person will only grow well and have enough energy if they’re getting the right nutritional mix of foods. The same goes for any animal. If your cattle are looking lethargic, or your horses are struggling to keep u…Read More

  2. Welcome To Our Blog!

    Hello, and welcome to our first blog here at Triple L Feed and Supply. We are your Top Rated Local® animal feed company in Marana and the surrounding area outside of Tucson, Arizona. As farmers ourselves, we pride ourselves on being able to support local farmers with dependable animal feed delivery and a variety of other supplies and services to make their lives easier and more productive. Since …Read More