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Welcome back to the Triple L Feed & Supply blog! Today, we’re simply coming back with a reminder and some general information on one of the stellar services we offer to the Marana area.

While most think of the services in our name — our premium Arizona hay animal feed supply and farm supply services — we also offer some invaluable veterinarian services and animal clinics.

Keep reading to learn more about these services and our related upcoming events. 

Veterinarian Services 

While we’re not veterinarians ourselves, we do offer veterinarian services. How? We have Homeward Bound Veterinary Services stop by each of our Marana hay stores, set up, and provide stellar services to our customers! While they’re stationed at our location, you’ll be able to get vaccinations, check-ups, and other basic care for your animals! 

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this awesome service we provide, you can either visit our 13700 N. Sandario Road location on either February 1st, 2020, or April 4th, 2020; or you can visit our 10785 N. Sandario Road location on March 7th 2020, or May 2nd 2020. 

If these dates won’t work for you, we’ll soon be adding dates for June 2020 through January 2021. And if you have any questions about the veterinarian services we offer, feel free to contact us today!

Animal Clinics

While we have to bring in veterinarians to provide the veterinarian services we offer, we bring some incredible animal clinics to the table. These are educational clinics that provide instruction on the proper care of livestock and other farm animals. We offer a variety of animal clinics for you to benefit from.

Steer Clinics

One of our most popular clinics is our steer clinic. In this clinic, we’ll teach you everything you didn’t know you needed to learn about your beef cattle. From tips to raise healthier cattle to life hacks that make the care processes easier, this clinic is priceless! We hold our clinics on steer between August and September, each year.

Goat, Lamb, And Swine Clinics 

While they’re different animals, we offer our clinics on goat, lamb, and swine in the month of October! Like our clinics on steer, we’ll provide you with great information on how to best care for your goats, lambs, and swine so you get the most out of them, and they’re as happy as can be!

Baby Chick Clinics

Finally, we offer clinics on baby chicks in the early spring — when the chicks start hatching! Chicks are fragile creatures, so these clinics are extra helpful, especially if you’re a first-time chick owner. We haven’t yet decided on dates for our chick clinics in 2020, but stay tuned as we’ll let you know soon!

Triple L Feed & Supply

At Triple L Feed & Supply, we care about our customers and their animals — that’s why we are sure to provide services that will benefit you both! If you have any questions about the services we’ve talked about in this blog, would like to enroll in a clinic, or have ideas for other helpful animal clinics, please contact us today